Identify Energy Solutions with an Energy Advisor

The energy industry today is more dynamic and complex than ever before. The advent of new technologies, shifting energy costs, and the constant barrage of federal and state legislation, has made it extremely difficult for consumers to stay adequately informed. For these reasons, EPCO is a huge proponent of the idea that every business should have an energy advisor.

The concept of an energy advisor hasn’t fully taken hold throughout the marketplace. Perhaps it is because most businesses don’t clearly understand what an energy advisor is, or, how they would use one. Think of it in these terms. A typical business will utilize a lawyer for legal needs or a CPA for accounting. There are many professionals and firms that can provide the same consultative services for managing your energy consumption.

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For smaller enterprises, you may leverage the expertise of an energy advisor to negotiate better rates for your gas and electric utility. But if you are a larger consumer, like most clients I work with, your energy management needs could be substantial. The right advisor can help identify and craft energy solutions for a myriad of concerns. This may include lighting audits and retrofits, power factor correction studies, or improvement to process cooling / heating performance.

You want to be sure to work with the right advisor, not all are created equal. Each client that EPCO collaborates with receives a unique and customized energy evaluation. No two businesses have the same needs or operate in the same way. Your energy consultant should provide you with a distinctive energy saving solutions that will allow you to make immediate and lasting cuts to your operating budgets.

Working in concert with you, and focusing on your specific needs, a reputable advisor will design a sensible compilation of measures that provide for turnkey energy efficiency solutions. Ultimately, you will want to take a long-term planning approach, leveraging short term savings opportunities that are invested into more capital intensive projects. This diversifies energy portfolios and ensures a cost effective and sustainable path into the future.

There are many more factors to include. You will want to leverage potential financing and rebates as well as develop a structured strategic plan to help guide you. The first step though is to find and work with the right team of professionals. The world of energy procurement and management is virtually the Wild West. Make sure you are coming armed with the right support.


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Introducing a New Approach to Energy Solutions

Today’s energy industry is more complex and dynamic than ever before. Throughout this decade, Ohio energy consumers have seen natural gas rates plummet, electric rates fluctuate like an EKG, and new technologies appear with the promise to solve all your energy concerns. Commercial and industrial customers are left wondering what they should do, and perhaps more importantly, who they should listen to.

It is certainly a difficult task attempting to wade through all the noise. Most clients I work with share with me that on a weekly basis, and some cases daily, they are being contacted by solutions providers offering the moon. Each provider comes armed with the promise that they’re product or service is the optimal choice with the maximum achievable savings. Wise consumers quickly realize that each of these providers has a significant financial stake in getting them to sign on the dotted line. My clients are pushed, prodded, and pressured until they relent and sign a contract. It is a truly archaic way to do business today.

The current landscape in the energy industry is what ultimately led to the inception of EPCO, Energy Planners Company. Your business likely has many professionals you turn to for expert advice. You may have an attorney for you legal needs, a CPA for accounting, or IT professionals for your technology. At EPCO, we believe every consumer should have an energy advisor. EPCO provides you with a trusted source for reliable information about current market conditions and information on the most effective and tested industry solutions.

So who exactly is EPCO, and what do we do? The EPCO team often jokes that we are a for-profit entity with a non-profit mission. Our first priority is not the bottom line, but the needs of our clients. We consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ staff. We will focus on the solutions that you need and not those that are most lucrative for us. EPCO believes strongly in the notion of strong customer service. Ultimately, EPCO’s success will be measured, not in dollars, but length of relationship with our clients.

EPCO is a full service energy solutions firm committed to providing the best products and services available to our clients and partners. EPCO takes a holistic look at an entire facility or campus to choose the appropriate approach to create cascading savings and improve asset value. EPCO will help design a clear and customized business case for a deep energy retrofit through quantifiable savings and empirical research.

The EPCO service portfolio includes four distinct energy management segments

  • Audit and Design
  • Implementation and Project Management
  • Incentives, Rebates, and Financing
  • Maintenance, Measurement and Verification (MM&V)

EPCO prides itself in its ability to cultivate unique and customized solutions for each client it works with.  EPCO looks forward to working with you next.

EPCO COMPANY OVERVIEW from Pat Oneill on Vimeo.


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